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How to get rid of calluses on feet?

The main reason for the appearance of calluses is stiff, uncomfortable, or substandard footwear that does not allow air to pass through, which increases the moisture content of the skin and rubs it. In this article, we read about How to get rid of calluses on feet? So, don’t skip the article from anywhere and read the article very carefully.

And since almost everyone has come across incorrectly chosen shoes, the problem of how to get rid of corns on the feet quickly is known to almost everyone.

Watery corns on the feet to get rid of calluses

If your feet sweat a lot (be it warm time) years, for example, summer or cooler (spring or autumn), fresh, soft calluses that are filled with fluid appear in places. The main areas of their training are the heels and toes. These are the places that are usually most firmly pressed against the inner walls of the shoe to get rid of calluses on feet. How to quickly remove corn on the legs in such cases? First, the corn itself and the skin around it need to be disinfected. Then carefully prick with a sterile needle and squeeze out the accumulated liquid. A thin, soft skin remains, which should be treated with brilliant green (under no circumstances with alcohol or iodine: these preparations dry out the skin too much). To prevent infection,

Old corns on the legs

With prolonged wearing of uncomfortable shoes on the outside side of the thumbs or little fingers, sometimes on the heels of the skin, coarsen and forms hard, hard calluses. Further irritation or exposure to these areas of the feet will result in acute pain. This is due to the fact that, despite the organic thickening of the stratum corneum, these sites are still vulnerable. Removing dry calluses on legs is not recommended if they are very deep and old. Careless handling of sharp objects and poor disinfection can lead to cuts and infections to get rid of calluses on feet. With the advanced form of the disease, it is recommended to use the services of medical staff or employees of beauty salons.

How to quickly get rid of corns on the legs: folk tunes

If the corn is not coarse and deep enough, you can get rid of it by folk tried and tested methods to get rid of calluses on feet. Almost all of them are based on natural ingredients that are affordable and effective. Procedures for removing chickens are carried out after the baths.

  • So, crushed pork fat with garlic is applied overnight until the skin is soft and the corn is gone.
  • However, it is good to soften the roughened skin along the length of aloe leaves or lemon peel with pulp.

  • Several times a day you can apply propolis heated in fat.
  • If the corn is fresh, a compress of breadcrumbs and vinegar, which is applied overnight, will help.
  • How to Get Rid of Corns on Your Feet Quickly with Onions? There are several methods. For example, a chopped onion head is soaked in vinegar for 24 hours, and then the slices are applied to the affected area and fixed with a bandage to get rid of calluses on feet. It is useful for these purposes and the onion peel from which the infusion is made. To do this, she insists on vinegar for 14 days. Wipe the affected areas of the skin with tincture or compresses.
  • However, it has long been known for its healing properties; pine and spruce needles. It is mainly used to make tinctures. To do this, young shoots are crushed and insisted on vodka. Wipe the feet and fingers with the prepared mixture and make compresses.
  • After that, badger fat is considered one of the most effective folk methods. With just a few interventions, even the most stressed corns can be softened. After that, it’s easy to remove with pumice stone.

Corneal contraception to get rid of calluses on feet

More careful handling of the choice of shoes, as well as taking care of the skin of the feet, significantly reduces the percentage of their occurrence to get rid of calluses on feet. So, in the summer, try wearing more open shoes to ventilate your feet. However, this prevents sweat and friction. So, try wearing closed fall and spring shoes at home and put them on securely. In winter, socks made from natural fabrics are the best prevention.

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