How to wipe a computer?

How to wipe a computer?

Smeared screen, encrusted keyboard, dusty fan: a dirty computer is not just an aesthetic problem. However, there are a few things to consider when cleaning. In this article, we read about How to wipe a computer? So read the article very carefully.

if he sits at his PC a lot of works with a notebook, he has already experienced it: at some point, the keyboard and mouse no longer look really nice. They may also be slightly glued together, and crumbs and dust have built up in the spaces between them.

But that’s easy to fix – it only becomes problematic when, for example, the coffee spills onto the keyboard.

Damp cloth and brush to wipe a computer

Simple soiling or incrustations on the keyboard and mouse can usually be removed with a damp cloth without leaving any residue, says Rainer Schuldt from the magazine “ Computer Bild ”. Under no circumstances should you use aggressive cleaning agents, as they could make the keys illegible.

Crumbs of bread rolls, cigarette ash, skin particles, or just dust can be removed by turning the keyboard and tapping it carefully. Then you use a soft brush for the last bits between the keys.

Such soft brushes are available in hardware stores – or in the cosmetics department of the drugstore. But there are also spray cans with compressed air on the market to blow dust away. You shouldn’t use the vacuum cleaner, warns Schuldt. “It can damage the keys and tear them out.”

Loosen the keyboard to wipe a computer

In the case of stubborn dirt, the keys have to be removed from the keyboard in order to clean underneath, explains Florian Holzbauer from the computer magazine “Chip”. On most keyboard models, the individual keys can be easily lifted with a pointed object.

“Then you can remove dust from the gaps with a cotton swab to wipe a computer. Then put the buttons back on. ”If you take a photo beforehand, you can put all the buttons back in the right place afterward.

That sounds like a lot of work – and it is. “That will definitely take an hour,” says Holzbauer. This effort is only worthwhile with a high-quality gaming keyboard, which can cost well over 100 euros.

If you only use a simple ten-euro keyboard, you should buy a new one every one or two years – depending on how dirty it is. As a preventive measure, a cover, either made of plastic or simply a cloth, may be worthwhile to wipe a computer, especially if the keyboard is not used that often.

Dust in the fan

If the PC is dusty inside, the vacuum cleaner helps on the lowest level. You can cover the opening of the suction tube with a ladies sock to reduce the suction power, recommends Schuldt. Or you can use an antistatic feather duster.

Dust in the fan can be removed with a brush. Or you suck it out very carefully. You do the same with a notebook with a dusty fan. If the guarantee has expired, you can unscrew the base plate without hesitation.

The outside of dusty monitors can also be wiped with a damp cloth – for example with a glasses cleaning cloth from the drugstore to wipe a computer. You can remove the dust from the screen itself with an anti-static microfiber cleaning cloth or feather duster, explains Schuldt. A soft brush sweeps dirt out of the corners.

Liquids are poison

Liquids are poison for every part of a computer. They can quickly cause a short circuit and mean the end of the keyboard or even a notebook to wipe a computer. In an emergency, you should dab the liquid out of the device as quickly as possible and then let it dry on the heater at a low temperature, In the case of cola or coffee, there is also the fact that the inner workings of the keyboard or notebook become sticky. But you should never add more water to “rinse out” Coke or coffee, that only makes things worse, says Rainer Schuldt.

Basically, the more people use an object, the more often it has to be cleaned, That is why he also advocates that employers provide the appropriate cleaning cloths or other means: “I feel better when I can clean the keyboard and monitor. This is especially true at workplaces where people change frequently during the day”.

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