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How to fishtail braid?

Even if you don’t have gorgeous hair, that doesn’t mean the braids are forbidden for you. Having learned to braid a “fishtail” braid, you can create light, gentle images that combine negligence and elegance. In the following article, we get to know about How to fishtail braid? So please don’t skip the article from anywhere and read it carefully because it will be beneficial for you guys.

Hair preparation to fishtail braid

There are several tips that you can use to make your hair look more attractive.

When styling, use a natural bristle comb and apply foam or mousse to the locks to add shine to the hair. To avoid hair damage during drying, it can be protected with a unique tool with heat protection. Coils shouldn’t lose volume, so before drying, you can sprinkle the hair with a volume spray and rub it into the hair roots for a few seconds, then dry it with a blow dryer in the “cold air” mode. You can also apply matte powder to your hair and massage it lightly. Now your locks will look bulkier and shinier.

How do you braid your scythe?

  • Before the “fishtail” braid is braided, the hair must be combed on one side and divided into two parts. To prevent hair from getting stuck, it can be treated with foam for styling.
  • To begin weaving a scythe, it is from below, almost above the most necessary ear. On the outside left, take a small strand and twist it with the right half. Then take a little lock on the right side and turn it on the left part of the curls.
  • Continue weaving “spikelets” (fishtail) to the bottom. Secure the hair under the elastic band.
  • With gentle movements from top to bottom, gently comb the hair and imitate a loose weave. Fingers gently pull the strands and add a volume of hair.
  • Fix an elegant hairstyle with varnish for secure fixation.

Some tips on how to add variety to your hair

The tips above were for creating a hairstyle for girls with thick and long hair. But how do you braid a fishtail braid when you don’t have comprehensive enough hair?

  • Overhead strands are an excellent solution for creating additional volume. Artificial hair is attached with clips. To give the loose hair extra volume, about five strands of different lengths and widths are usually used; Only one wide strand is needed for the braid. Most hair lifts and prickles to the bottom of the strand. Then pull the fishtail skewer as usual.
  • The girls who are not afraid to be original can add a little volume with colored threads or ribbons (why not?). Separate part of the hair and tie the coloured strands on the lower strands. Next, braid the braid as usual: ribbons are tied into the fabric like the rest of the hair. At the bottom we fix the hair with an elastic band and hide the colored threads.

Festive fishtail

Cascade fishtail – vacation version habitual hairstyle, especially when it is decorated with beautiful bobby pins. Braid the braids from the crown and continue braiding about 7 cm.

Then take the strands from the temple part from the left and right sides, cross them among each other and weave the spikelets a few centimeters further. Repeat the crossing of the strands several times until you have finished weaving.

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