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What do ducks eat?

The natural diet of ducks is aquatic vegetation like pondweed, insects, tiny snails, amphibians and crayfish. Ducks swim and dive into the pond water and eat a natural diet present in the water, and it gives them a balanced diet and keeps them healthy.

Best food items to feed ducks.

Sweet corn

You can feed ducks canned, fresh and delicate sweet corn. You can also feed them frozen corn but make sure you defroze frozen corn.


You can feed ducks all types of salad leaves. But make sure that lettuce does not go slimy.


You can feed ducks peas. It is not necessary to cook them. Instead, you can feed them as uncooked. But you have to unfreeze them before feeding them.


It’s OK to feed ducks whole oats and rolled oats. You can also feed them flapjack but make sure that too much sugar is not added. Oats are very nutritious and good for ducks.


You can feed ducks seeds brought from any supermarket eat. You can feed seeds for human consumption.


You can feed Ducks rice. No matter if it’s cooked or uncooked, both rice can be used to feed ducks.

Is it right to feed ducks bread?

Mainly, people feed bread to ducks. Recently it has come to be known that bread is not suitable for the health of ducks. Because bread is not nutritious enough, and it is also dangerous for their health. Breadwinner fills them up to not take nutritions from the pond, which is present in natural resources. Feeding bread to ducks causes destructive malnutrition, and it makes them overweight. Bad malnutrition causes deformation in their wings. Due to this, they are not able to fly. It can also cause lung disease in ducks. Feeding bread to ducks can attack rats(a potentially spreading disease). You can feed bread to ducks in a small amount if you want. Moreover, avoid feeding chips, crackers, cereal, and mouldy food to ducks.

How to feed ducks?

Supervise your children while feeding ducks and tell them that it will be safe to feed them standing near the pond edge. And do not let your children get too close to ducks. Tell them not to scatter food on the land but scatter on the water surface, do not feed too much food to ducks and make sure that they have finished the food before adding more.

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