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Oppo A1K price in Pakistan?

With the arrival of technological advancements, people hunger to get hold of the newest devices and tools. Their usage has become a status emblem for many people. In this regard, many mobile phone companies have recognised this need and have introduced new phones with the best features. But the problem has always been the budget. So, Oppo Mobile Phone Company has formulated a way out. It has time and again introduced fully equipped new styled phones. In this article, we read about Oppo A1K price in Pakistan?

One of these is the Oppo A1K phone that has been launched in the year 2020. This phone is fully loaded with advanced features at a very reasonable price. If you are looking for a valid cell phone in a reliable price range, then you must consider this cell phone. Besides the price, it offers the users the best experience and masterful performance.

Oppo A1K price in Pakistan?

This mobile phone has been made by keeping in mind those users who want many features and run their daily tasks on their phone. The price of this stunning and attractive HD resolution screen phone is Rs. 16,999, or it would be correct to say that it costs Rs. 17,000.

It has a widespread set of features. We have tried to create a feature-based checklist to read and compare it with other phones as well.

It has an operating system, Android pie 9.0, with a minimum weight of 170 grams. 

It has been launched in unique red and stunning black shades, breaking the stereotypic trend of basic black, blue, and white.

Its connectivity feature is impressive. It supports 2G, 3G and 4G LTE functions.

Features of Oppo A1k

  • It has an octa-core processor, which makes it super-fast and does not let it lag down.
  • It has a built-in memory of 32 GB with 2 GB random access memory or RAM and a micro-sd card slot. Such space is enough for a person who wishes to manage all of his primary daily responsibilities and tasks.
  • This has a reasonably long 6.1 inches screen with a responsive touch screen display. It has a resolution of 720 x 1560 pixels.
  • This has a camera feature with a back eight mp and front side five mp. It also has an LED light along with a sensor in it.
  • This has panorama capturing features along with geotagging. It also allows you to make HDR based videos. It is to be noted that the front camera for selfie lovers along with the hdr video 720p capability.
  • Oppo A1K phone lets you enjoy the best and uninterrupted connectivity of Wifi along with wifi direct and personal hotspot option.
  • It offers Bluetooth connectivity, GPS, Radio and USB port with a micro USB connector attached.

  • This has a fingerprint sensor at the back to make your phone secure. It also has torchlight features.
  • Unlike phones of other companies, it has some built-in games that are a fun feature for youngsters.
  • It has a lithium-ion battery. It attaches to the body, which helps it to stay in charge for a long time.

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