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How to write in cursive?

How to write in cursive. Writing in italics can be a step to resume and deepen in the world of web copywriting. Does it seem strange to you? Do you think it’s weird to talk about the basics in a blog dedicated to persuasive writing, sales letters and calls to action?

It is not so. Or rather, my idea is to tackle the basics of good writing to tackle web writing in the best possible way. On the other hand, do you know when italics are used? What are the rules? And how do you register online?

The use of italics is not such a trivial topic, so today, I want to approach this topic with as much attention as possible. How do you write in italics, and how do you use this style of formatting? I want to deepen this topic.

What is cursive writing: definition

Cursive writing is a style characterized by a right-leaning font. Handwriting evolves as a solution for writing by hand with speed, elegance, and speed in literary and commercial works. Then move on to personal communications.

Italic is one of the three styles that usually characterize a typeface: round, bold and italic.

He also called audio or italic since the Italian Aldus Manutius first introduced it during the Renaissance. Its purpose was to improve the readability of the text, and today it is used in specific, particular and well-defined cases.

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When to use italics: the rules

When do you write in italics? This is one of the decisive points for improving writing and using the proper formatting rules. What are the laws to be respected? There are some clear points that you must appreciate to use this graphic style.

  • Italics are used for works of various kinds: books, films, articles, titles of works of art.
  • You can use italic text for dialect, uncommon foreign terms, Latin words.
  • Use italics for scientific names of ships, aircraft, military corps, spacecraft.
  • Terms used as such, meaningless, always want italics.

This last point is essential. “The word dog is simple”, as you can see in this case, a dog is in italics because I use it with a metalinguistic function.

Are cursive and elegant fonts legible? How to write in cursive

An Italic font is chosen to decorate web pages, to give a particular font to one’s online creations. The character can communicate an idea. You can provide a point of view. Values ​​are conveyed in this way, with elegant cursive fonts.

When not use italics in the text: How to write in cursive

Italic writing has its own rules and reasons for existing. That said, when not to use italics in your online texts? Here  the rules uses on Wikipedia :

  • Technical terms in Italian, regulatory sources, organizations.
  • Names of people, bands, sports teams, military or police units.
  • Awards, sporting events, religious and social events.
  • Geographical locations, streets, buildings, places of interest and monuments.
  • Names of peoples, ethnic groups, languages ​​and words written in non-Latin alphabets.
  • Nicknames or aliases, code names of military operations.

Italics often uses to emphasize specific words. In fiction, it can go, but it is better to use the bold type used to highlight the passages on the web.

In-text citations: italics or quotation marks?

As a rule, the quoted text must include in quotation marks without italics. The idea is not to overlap the two elements and only use graphic symbols to indicate a section taken from a different source. For rather long strings, a separate paragraph use, detached from the body of the article, indented on the right.

How to italicize WordPress: How to write in cursive

Let’s get to the point, like writing in cursive on the blog or a web page. HTML gives you all the tools you need to provide the text with the proper formatting. In most cases, you can use the WYSIWYG editor that features most CMSs that showcases the button to insert italics in the text.

How to italicize WhatsApp

If we talk about online writing, I think it is right to work on this point: how do the italics on the WhatsApp chat insert? Very simple: write your word, hold down on it and select the formatting item.

Thanks to this function, you can write in italics, in bold and strikethrough on WhatsApp to better express your message. But it doesn’t stop there. Other social networks can take advantage of text formatting. For example, Google Plus: in this case, you could insert the underscore (underscore) before and after the sentence.

Can I write in italics on Facebook?

Social platforms don’t support cursive writing, but you can get around this. For example, in the case of Facebook, you can use to create your text with specific formatting. At this point, you have to copy the string.

In reality, however, it is possible to write in italics but only in groups: these realities allow you to format the text by adding bold and quotas.
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