How to write a will?

How to write a will?

If you want to have your estate self-determinedly regulated during your lifetime, you should write a will or have it drawn up by a notary. When drafting a personal choice, there are essential things to consider to avoid ambiguity regarding the succession and thus the distribution of the assets among the heirs. Because not infrequently there are disputes between family members or the heirs in general due to ambiguously formulated private wills. We’ll tell you what to look for when writing a choice and give you an example of options.

Writing a will: what to keep in mind

Write the private will yourself

If you want to write the last will, you have to pay attention to important formal and content-related things so that the last will written in the choice is legally adequate. The document must have a heading that identifies it as a will. In addition, the document must be handwritten and legible, dated and signed with your full name (surname and first name). In terms of content, care must be taken to choose precise formulations to avoid ambiguity regarding the distribution of inheritance.

Have the notary draw up the notarial will

As an alternative to a personal will, a notary can draw up the last choice in the testator’s interests. The advantage lies in the legal advice for the testator and the unquestionable legal validity of the will.

Pattern for wills

On our website, we have put together exemplary formulations for wills. The text examples serve only as a guide for writing a choice. Please note, therefore, that the templates are no substitute for legal advice from a lawyer or notary.

Text template for sole private testament

My last will / my will/will

I, Max Mustermann, was born on… declare my wife Erika Mustermann, née Mustermann, the sole heir.

Our children Lisa and Michael Mustermann receive the respective compulsory portion of the inheritance.

A model city, the …

Signature of Max Mustermann

Text template for private joint will

Our standard will / Our common will

We, the married couple Max Mustermann, born on … in … and Erika Mustermann, née Musterfrau, held on … in …, stand up for each other as sole heirs.

In the death of the last single heir, our son Michael Mustermann will inherit the entire estate.

A model city, the …

Signature of Max Mustermann

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