How to strengthen knees?

How to strengthen knees?

Do you feel pain in your knees? Are you worried that they are suffering from an injury? Go ahead to get strong and healthy knees, add a few muscle strengthening exercises to your daily routine. As a result, it reduces pain and injury. So, let’s get started to strengthen knees at home with the help of the following exercises. 

Steps to strengthen knees

Steps are performed at the gym, but we can be done this exercise by using a bench or other solid mass present in our home. It causes movement in our legs and gives a special strength to our knees.

Stand on a drawer or firm surfaces, such as a bench or ladder. Raise and lower your legs as if this were a step.

Just bring your knee near to your chest and hold it there for 2 seconds and then lower yourself until you touch the ground with both feet.

Repeat the exercise with 2nd knees.

Perform 15 repeats by making 3 sets.

Lunges to strengthen knees

Lounges are added to your daily routine to strengthen and relax the knee muscles. 

You have to stand straight perfectly. The neck should be straight and arms at your side.

The other leg stretched back and bend so it could touch the ground.

Return and stand straight.

Do about 20 repeats on one side and complete 4 series in a row.

Knees to chest exercise

Knee to chest exercise not only strengthens the body but is also good for abdominal and back pain.

Layout an exercise mat and lie on it by straightening your back and keeping your arms straight toward it.

Now bend your knees and bring them near your chest as close as possible.

If you like, you can bend both your knees at a time.

Hold it here for 5 seconds, then return to the start position.

Do 15 repeats and make 3 sets.

Quadriceps stretch

It helps to strengthen your lower body as well as knee joints.

Stand up straight with a firm back and gaze straight ahead.

Raise your heel toward your hips, holding your ankle with your hand and keeping your knees together.

Keep your other hand at your side or against a wall to help balance.

Hold for 10 seconds, rest, and repeat with the other leg.

Perform 3 sets of 15 repeats.

Squats to strengthen knees

Squats are the best exercise for knee strength. 

So you have to stand-up straight by straightening your arms, head, shoulder. Both your and legs should be bent.

Just straight up your arms and lower your buttocks by posing sitting on a chair.

Hold on for a few seconds, then move to the starting position smoothly.

Be sure that when you do down your knees, dont over go on the balls of your feet.

Repeat 15 times and make 3 sets.

Keep in mind that you have to work with other muscle groups of the whole body to get mobility and strength. Try to do exercises correctly with care until you get your desired results.

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