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How to Grow Cucumber?

Cucumber (Cucumis sativus) has many health benefits. That’s why people use this in salads, sandwiches, preserves for pickles or for eating raw and fresh. Cucumbers are low calories but nutrients rich food. Cucumber is a vine crop grown in the warm season, usually from March-July, as they can’t bear the low temperature. It is a fast-growing commercial crop with more than 120 varieties that differ in color and size. It comes with and without seeds as well. Growing cucumber crops is not a big deal, and this article will provide you a complete guide on how to grow cucumbers.

Follow the instructions that are given below;

Select a Good Site to Harvest Good Crop

Make sure the side you are going to select for the cucumber crop has maximum Sun exposure. It required well-drained and loose sandy loam soil with excellent water holding capacity and water infiltration rates. As cucumber roots reach about 35 to 48 inches deep in the ground, avoid planting them near trees because tree roots can rob all the essential nutrients that cucumber needs to grow.

Soil Preparation grow cucumbers

After site selection, the soil is removed by removing rocks and trash. But leave the dead plants like that grass or different weeds because they will enrich the soil with essential nutrients and spade it about 12 inches deep. The soil pH should be between 5.5 – 6.8 pH and salinity of 2.5 Ec tolerance. Moreover, for good drainage, the soil should be light and airy. It recommends preparing the ground before one month of planting.

Planting seeds grow cucumbers

Before planting seeds, first and foremost, you need to select the variety you want to grow. Seeds require a high temperature to germinate, so plant them when the soil is warm. Cucumbers are vine crops that can produce about 6 to 8 feet or above. That’s why it requires a vast space to develop. To every 12 to 14 inches, spread 3 to 4 seeds in groups, then spread the soil over the seeds about 1 inch.

Watering and Fertilizing

The cucumber crop needs a constant supply of water, at least 1 inch per week. If the temperature is high, it will require more water supply. Remember that Irregular watering will yield bitter-tasting cucumbers.
Cucumber plants require a regular dose of fertilizer for healthy growth and production for 10 to 14 days.


Cucumber plants typically get ready in about 40 to 60 days. Once they have grown, pick cucumbers regularly to yield more cucumbers.
However, if you don’t pick them on time, cucumber vines start using their energy to increase their size instead of blooming new flowers. That’s why it is essential to like them on time for more production.

Remember that;

Be aware of what you are planting near your cucumber crop.
Crop rotation is also an essential factor for maximum production.
Avoid planting the same crop year after year at the same place.

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