How to get clear skin?

how to get clear skin

Many women reach 35 without ever having taken care of their skin. We spend, for example, entire summers of exposure to the sun without protection (or with little or inadequate protection), get clear skin a lot of time not hydrating our skin properly, or not drinking enough water per day.

All these things stain our skin, leave it dull, and we notice that, many years later, when we believe that everything is lost, but no! Not to despair, there is always something to do. Today, I bring you one of the possible solutions you can find to have clearer and brighter skin.

Moisturizing Get clear skin

Clariant B3 is a Pond’s brand moisturizer. Did you know her? This cream promises that it can leave your skin clearer in as little as six weeks. How can it be? So many years of spots, and in just six weeks, can they disappear? So it seems! What is important to clarify is that they promise these results as long as you use this cream every day during these six weeks.

The secret of this cream is that it has a combination of vitamins B3, vitamin C, and sunscreens. Vitamin B3 has a lightning effect on the spots caused by the sun and the environmental conditions to which we are exposed every day. On the other hand, Vitamin C has a powerful antioxidant effect that also prevents premature aging of the skin and helps restore its original color and shine.

Sun filters are also critical. At a certain age, we should incorporate a cream that protects them, even in winter, from UVA and UVB rays.

The great thing about Clariant B3 is that it can use on the face. Arms, hands, neck, and other exposed areas. The skin is more transparent, toned, and radiant, and all this achieve without clogging the pores, thus avoiding the “greasy effect” that most moisturizers have and that we dislike so much.

The cream can use directly as a makeup base. In the morning or as reinforcement at night, always on spotless skin. 

As I always recommend. It is essential that you choose the right product for your skin type. Be it oily or dry. It is also good that you always choose hypoallergenic products. Such as this cream. And thus forget about irritations or adverse reactions.

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