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How to drive an automatic car?

Do you want to drive an automatic car? If you are interested in driving or you’re one of many drivers who don’t know and have no idea about automatic vehicles, don’t stop to read this post because, in this post, you will learn how to drive and control an automatic car. Easily?

Assuming you are learning the specialty of driving, you may have been learning the driving skills of mainly manual cars and learning where there is a brake, clutch, and accelerator. Automatic cars don’t have a clutch. If you have practiced on an essential car with six gears, you will face a few issues adjusting to these new clutchless systems.

Let’s start. When you sit in your first automatic car, you’ll notice the absence of clutch and gearbox controls. The gearbox will be chosen by the vehicle rather than you, the driver. Besides these differences, automatic cars are by and large equivalent to manuals; you’ll work the wide range of various controls in the same way.

Every critical part of good driving is the same. Keeping up with the proper street position; guiding; slowing down continuously. 

 Number of gears

There are five gears in every car, manual or not. The five gears are,

  • Park
  • Neutral
  • Drive
  • Manual
  • Reverse

Best ways to drive an automatic car

Before driving a car, feel relaxed and comfortable. While driving, don’t be nervous or confused while holding the steering. Even make yourself comfortable with the seat and cover your body with a seat belt.

Adjustment of car

Changing your seat toward any path you can (find) is perfect so that you can quickly get access to any controls and see well out of the windows. Move the mirrors so you can see behind and to the sides of the vehicles. Before starting driving, make sure the cars behind or before making any turn.

Understand all controls perfectly.

It is essential to find the accelerator and brake pedals, the steering wheel, gears, the light controls, the defroster, and the windshield wipers before you start. 

The brake and accelerator pedals are situated at the bottom front of the space where your feet are. The brake pedal is on the left. The accelerator is on the right side. 

The guiding wheel is the giant wheel in the focal point of the driver’s control center. Go it to one side and right to turn the wheels of the vehicle. 

Situated on the controlling section (typically on the left) is a little switch with a rest position in the center and two locking positions above and beneath. This is the blinker. Frequently on the left half of the controlling wheel mounted into the control center or a handle on one of the switches on the guiding segment is the control that winds down the headlights. 

Start your car now drive an automatic car.

Place your right foot on the pedal located at the right side, push down, then insert the kay and start your car.

Select the gears carefully.

In an automatic car, you don’t need to get involved with the uproar of constantly changing gears, but the element of gears is still there. Having the proper knowledge about the gears is equally pertinent even while driving an automatic car. It would help if you changed the gears only in specific conditions, like while parking, etc.

Release the parking brake slowly drive an automatic car

Releasing the parking brake abruptly can give you severe jolts, and you can most probably end up halting in some other car. However, the parking brake should be released slowly.

Gets your car moving on drive an automatic car

To get your car moving on the roads, the first thing you need to do is press fully on the accelerator, put in moving gear, and slowly release your foot from the accelerator to get your car moving.

Turn the steering wheel.

The first thing here to know is the alignment of the steering. Once you’re clear about it, the rest is all up to the judgment you take while driving. Turning the steering also depends on the curves of the roads.

Apply the brake to stop the car

You usually apply the foot brake positioned in the middle of the accelerator and race whenever you want to stop the car or speed it slow.

Park the car and travel reverse

While parking the car, you use the P gears, which symbolize the word parking. However, when you want to reverse the car, you put the car in the reverse gear before releasing your foot from the accelerator.

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