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How to check blood pressure?

Blood pressure is the amount of blood ejected by the heart to supply the whole body. It keeps the body alive and healthy. It is the vital sign of the body that shows the heart’s working. Measurement of the blood pressure shows the health of your heart. If the blood pressure is low, it indicates the malfunctioning of the heart. 

With low blood pressure, the person does not feel active and can feel his heart pounding. He may feel difficulty in breathing and sweating. If the blood pressure is high, it may cause dizziness and lead to fatal conditions, including brain haemorrhage and liver damage. 

How to check blood pressure?

Blood pressure monitoring comes with the two readings, i.e., systolic blood pressure and diastolic blood pressure. Systolic blood pressure is the main reading that comes as the first reading, and the other reading that follows it is the second (diastolic blood pressure). 

The normal blood pressure is 120/80 mmHg. The upper and first reading is the systolic blood pressure, whereas the second value is the diastolic blood pressure. If the patient shows constant high blood pressure, it is a sign of hypertension that needs immediate attention. 

Monitoring blood pressure is necessary if you feel any of the symptoms discussed earlier. Many devices have been introduced by now that help monitor blood pressure. You do not have to visit the doctor’s office every time to monitor blood pressure. You can monitor it at home easily. The patient should be relaxed and not stressed while monitoring blood pressure. Any physical activity and stress could affect the readings of blood pressure. 

Automatic monitoring:

Several automatic devices monitor blood pressure, but the procedure differs a little. If you are using a digital blood pressure monitoring device, it is the easiest. All you have to do is put that cuff on your upper arm and fix it tightly. Now keep your arm straight right in front of your heart. Press the “start” button and let the cuff inflate. 

Once it reaches a certain point where blood stops flowing through veins, it will lose the inflated air. First, it will show systolic blood pressure on the screen and then the diastolic one. Both readings are digitally shown on the device and are easy to read. 

Manual monitoring:

If you are using a manual blood pressure monitoring machine, you need to have a stethoscope, a monitor, and a pump along with a cuff. Set the cuff on the upper arm and keep the arm straight right in front of the heart. Set the stethoscope right under the cuff to hear the beat. Now start pumping the bulb and inflating air to the cuff until it reaches a certain point. Once the blood stops in the veins, start losing air slowly and hear the first beat in the stethoscope. 

Note the reading when the beat starts and note the second reading when the beat stops. The first beat will show systolic blood pressure, and the second will show diastolic blood pressure.

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