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Difference between data and information

People have been using Data and Information as a synonym for each other. But little do they know that there is an acceptable line difference between data and information. Data are the facts, numbers, or details that are processed to get information. The data, if used individually, will not make sense at all. The data is processed to become a piece of information for the audience.

What is Data?

Data is originated from the Latin word “datum.” datum means something given.

It is a set of numbers that are collected and translated for analysis. Humans and Computers can use data. But if the data doesn’t have any context, then it is not helpful for either. Data is categorized into mainly single characters, Boolean, text, number, picture, sound, and video.

If we talk about data on a computer, then it’s called digital data. It is s a series of binary digits that either have a value of one or zero. Binary digits are written as bits. The computer processes this input data to form output data. Datastore in a computer using a hard drive.

Similarly, data is available in smartphones too. This data comes from various sources like the internet and Bluetooth. The data in smartphones saved in RAM or over the internet.

Let’s talk about the general word data in its grammatical use. If you see a dictionary, the word data means “facts and statistics collected together for reference or analysis.” Data used as a plural and a singular noun nowadays. E.g., “the Data processed” or “the Data processed.”

Data further divided into two types. They are either qualitative data or quantitative data. Qualitative data don not include numbers. The quantitative data show in numbers.

What is Information?

Processed, organized, and structured data, known as information. Raw data does not have any context or meaning. When the data change into information, it becomes contextual and helps in decision making. If we take an example of a restaurant, then a sale of one food item is data. It will become a piece of information for the business when the data collectively show profit or loss.

However, all information is not correct. The reliable information that different sources have checked becomes a piece of valid information. Information is vital to living in this modern era in a sophisticated way. If a piece of information has wisdom words, then it known as knowledge. Hence, acquiring information is very important to know about the surrounding, keeping the system, and knowing the rules and regulations of the area where you live.

Some examples of information are receipts, timetables, reports, worksheets, and charts.

What is the difference between Data and Information?

Let’s see their differences side by side for better understanding.

How to describe Data and Information?

Qualitative and quantitative data help people to gain information and decision-making. In comparison, information a grouped data formed to become a meaning, knowledge, or news.

What’s the study behind these words?

Data derived from a Latin word datum which means to give something. On the other hand, information originated from old French. It always used in the sense of informing and educating.

What is the format?

Data collected in the form of numbers, characters, or letters. And information is ideas and conclusions gained from data.

How are they represented?

Data often collected in graphs, data trees, tabular form, or structured data. In contrast, information knowledge, language, ideas, thoughts, and news acquired from data.

Do they have a meaning?

Data alone considered meaningless. However, when interpreted, it becomes a piece of information. Information is always meaningful.

How are they interrelated?

Data collected, and information a processed data.

What are their features?

Data considered raw or meaningless. It doesn’t possess any features until it process or grouped to become information. Collected data jointly becomes a piece of meaningful information.

Are they dependent on each other?

Information is dependent on data. The data doesn’t require information.

What are their measuring units?

Data in a computer measure in bits and bytes. The information measures its reliability and meaningfulness like time and quantity etc.

Can they support decision-making?

Data alone cannot help in decision-making. However, when it process to make information, then it helps in decision making.

What are their contents?

A data contains raw and unprocessed factors, and information contains meaning.

What’s the level of knowledge they occupy?

Data considered the lowest level of knowledge. And information considers the second level of knowledge.

What are their characteristics?

Data, when collected by a company, is not for sale. It uses inside the business to make a decision and gather reliable information. When valuable information forms, then it becomes available to the public for sale.

How can we use them in an example?

We can see data as tickets sold at a specific venue. It becomes information when the tickets and profit collected from each venue compare. The data of sold tickets will show which venue is better for sale.

Whom are they useful for?

The data collected by researchers can be or cannot be helpful to them. Researchers use information readily to conduct a proper analysis—a data-only useful when it combines to become reliable information.

How much are they specified?

Data alone is never specific or valuable for the public. Information always targets its audience, and people know which information they need for their tasks.

We can never say that which one is the most useful among data and pieces of information. Because if, in any case, the information acquired from the data is incorrect, then the data will help again to gather the correct informed. You have gone through a lot of differences between Data and Informations. But I would recommend you to keep exploring more about them. There is more to learn about them. For example, what is a prediction or a hypothesis? You may also find out the differences between objective and subjective.

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