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Baby sign language

Unlike adults, a baby cannot express joy, sadness, anger, or excitement by using words. It is evident that at a few months, we cannot expect a baby to speak fluent words and sentences like us. This is where sign language comes. Learning baby sign language is very important for parents because it will help create better understanding and help a parent recognize what their child wants.

Babies are god gifted with such innate quality of expressing by using hand signs. The magic lies in understanding them. This language can also be taught to a baby, and there are many benefits of it:

  • This is the best way and means for a baby to communicate. It is to be understood that babies can express more than speak as these skills develop very early. Teaching a baby usage of signs might be difficult, but a baby can observe and learn, which is very helpful for parents.
  • Usage of signs by babies is a good initiative as they will start to learn the basics of communication. This will not stop them from talking, Baby sign language but it will teach them that either now or then, a baby will eventually have to speak.
  • When a baby knows how to communicate at a very early age, it will help manage sudden frustration and irritation behaviors. This will decrease the mood swings, and a baby will not become stubborn.

How to Learn Sign Language to Babies

To help you get started, here are some pointers.

 Start with a few signs

Initiate with something like a few basic ones, such as more, milk, and all done, and apply them in various situations throughout the day. As your baby masters them, progressively include more into your daily activities.

Explain by doing everything yourself

If a baby is discovering a sign for the first time, you may need to assist him by placing his hands in the proper posture.

Demonstrate the sign and ask them to copy it

After teaching them by hand, the next step is to show them the sign and imitate it.

Make a verbal signal

After they’ve mastered the sign, pronounce the word to check whether they’ll join it.

What is the correct age to begin teaching sign language?

It’s best to start talking with your baby when they are four to six months old. Babies reach a developmental stage for movements between six and twelve months, usually around nine months. If you introduced baby signs a few months prior, this is the moment when you might most probably see your baby sign for the very first time. If the baby is already gesturing, it is perfect to start communicating later. Whatever time you start, be prepared to sign continuously for a while before your baby catches it up.

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